Free assessment, professional advice from £10

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Free assessment, professional advice from £10

This service is designed to help people who experienced a behaviour change in their dogs during lockdown, are concerned about their dogs after going back to work or acquired a puppy and following limitations could not socialise their puppies properly. These dogs need help and can develop serious behavioural problems if not treated now.

Please be advised that not all behavioural problems can be solved online. Some of them for example human aggression will require a full face to face behavioural consultation to properly assess emotions and all reinforcements influencing unwanted behaviour. It is also important to show the handler how to work with an aggressive dog and what kind of adjustments can be done at home to keep the household safe. Long-lasting separation disorders that have started before lockdown will probably require a full consultation as well. However, the help received online for these kind of problems can be successfully used to prepare dogs for treatment after the consultation take place and can significantly shorten the entire time of behaviour modification plan.

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