About me

My best friend used to say ‘You prefer my dog to me!’ because when we were younger I always asked to take her dog with us when we’re going out to play, of course, I held the lead. I had my first one at the age of 12 and got her well trained on my own without any knowledge about dog training or animal behaviour (today I know that many mistakes were done).

I’ve been passionate about dogs since I learned how to walk and through my life, I developed my dog handling skills a lot. In Poland, where I come from, I’ve been studying Animal Breeding and Feeding Management for 5 years and received a Master's Degree in Animal Science. For 3 years I’ve been a volunteer working with dogs that help people with disabilities, learning from dog trainers who we worked with. When I moved to Scotland I knew I must still work with dogs and luckily I got a job in local kennels which is an invaluable experience in handling hundreds of dogs and cats differing in breeds, ages, and sizes.

Having a dog with behavioural problems opened my eyes to new techniques in dog training and I have become fascinated about animal behaviour and welfare. I discovered the power in bonding and creating a good relationship between a dog and an owner, based on trust and communication. Unfortunately, I had experienced inappropriate guidance based on old beliefs about canine behaviour and training methods but thanks to this I understood how important recognizable qualifications for any canine profession are.

I have started to benefit from attending seminars, lectures and workshops made by pioneers in dog training, behaviour, nutrition and TTouch techniques and I keep my professional development continuous. My latest and greatest achievement is The Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training from COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology), one of the most recognizable organization in the UK which allows me to cooperate with veterinarians and provide professional help for companion animals with serious behavioural problems.

My credentials:

  • 2021 COAPE Advanced Diploma in The Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training Year 2 (DipCABT UK Level 5)
  • 2018 Member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers and the International Companion Animal Network (CAPBT, ICAN)
  • 2018 COAPE Advanced Diploma in The Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training Year 1 (DipCABT UK Level 4)
  • 2018 Full, Assessed Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - membership number 2909204
  • 2018 IMDT 4 days Practical Instructor's Course
  • 2017 Canine First Aid course of Archangel First Aid Training Ltd
  • 2017 COAPE Dogwise course
  • 2017 IMDT Career as a Dog Trainer
  • 2017 Canine Training Professional at The Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI) - membership number 42121679
  • 2009 MSc., Eng. in Animal Breeding and Feeding Management at The UTP University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Volunteering at Tail-Talk Dog Training classes
  • Volunteering at the Foundation of Therapeutic Assistance "Cane Pro Humano" for over 3 years
  • Kennel Assistant for over 3 years
  • Working with rescue dogs