Terms & Conditions


  1. DOGS IN TRAINERS Instructors are fully qualified, certified and have current knowledge to conduct group classes and individual training. DOGS IN TRAINERS may be supported by volunteers, supervised by the Instructors.
  2. There is rarely a “quick fix” for problems with dogs. DOGS IN TRAINERS looks to treat the complete problem which is sometimes deeply rooted. This does take time and effort and will require the owner to put into regular practice the methods we advise, thus saving your time and money!
  3. Dogs must be healthy, up to date with inoculations and wormed. A vaccination card or a certificate from your veterinarian is required.
  4. The personal data you provide on the application form is held and processed by DOGS IN TRAINERS for service purposes and will not be passed on to any third parties.
  5. You provide with your personal data and your information about your dog by completing the application form. By signing the form you confirm that all the information provided are real and accurate.
  6. By signing the application form you agree to abide by DOGS IN TRAINERS Terms and Conditions and the possibility of using your dog’s and your image on our website and/or Facebook Page.


  1. Owner and dog safety are very important. If your dog is aggressive or shows signs of aggression towards people or other dogs you must advise us before enrolling. You might be redirected from group classes to 1-2-1 training or behavioural therapy.
  2. Any accident or serious injury must be reported to the Instructor immediately.
  3. We try to provide an appropriate distance between the dogs so please respect the personal space of other dogs. Any social introductions should only be conducted under the Instructor’s advice.
  4. If you are not able to come to the classes for any reason please let the Instructor know as the group will be waiting for you. Also, please try not to be late!
  5. Please let us know as soon as possible if your dog is unwell or is in season and do not bring to the classes.
  6. Group classes take place in different venues depending on the objectives. Attendees are informed about the venue when enrolling.
  7. Classes may be cancelled due to the weather. Attendees will be informed via text/phone call at least half an hour before the class starts. This does not apply to puppy classes or group classes in a hall.
  8. Classes are conducted in a comfortable way for owners and a humane way for the dogs, therefore it is recommended to keep the dog at least on a 1.5m long nylon or leather lead and well-fitted harness or collar. Extendable or chain leads, prong collars, choke-chains and electric collars are not accepted. In special cases, a muzzle is accepted. You might be advised to use other approved training equipment. We do not tolerate the use of physical force on a dog, beating, psychological abuse or other forms of violence. By choosing DOGS IN TRAINERS you agree to the use of positive reward training methods.
  9. Dogs should be kept on a lead unless otherwise directed by the instructor. Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their dogs and must keep them under control. The Instructor does not take responsibility for dogs let off the lead without so directing.
  10. Owners should bring waste bags for the classes and are responsible for cleaning up after the dogs. High-value treats should be also brought in sufficient amount. Dogs work for us and expect to get paid as we get paid for the job we do. This is particularly important at the beginning of training. During the classes, you will find out how to use food as a reward instead of a bribe.
  11. Treats bought from markets are not the best idea. They are low valued for dogs and may be dangerous for the dog’s health. You should look for soft treats in pet stores with a high meat content or prepare some bits of cooked chicken or cheese and reserve it only for the classes, you can always ask us for an advice.
    If dogs do not take treats during the classes they will not learn anything. Some dogs prefer toys as a reward but this is a bit more complicated to apply in the class environment. You should discuss this with the Instructor.
  12. Family members or friends are very welcome to come to the classes, especially puppy classes. Children must be supervised by adults. However, please can you tell us so we have an idea of numbers.


  1. Payment for services is in advance after a preliminary discussion and completing and signing the application form.
  2. Payment is accepted in cash or by transfer to the account provided.
  3. Travel cost may apply as an additional fee. This will be advised.
  4. If you are unhappy with the service please do tell us and we will try to resolve any issues amicably.
  5. Be aware the payment for dog training services and behavioural services vary. Behavioural advice is created for a particular dog with a particular problem and cannot be calculated on an hourly basis. We do hope that you can see the benefits of our work quickly, but this may not always be the case.