Group Classes

Group classes are suitable for dogs who feel comfortable around unfamiliar dogs and people. We do not solve individual or behavioural problems within group training but we are happy to offer a different, appropriate service. Classes take place in various areas depending on the theme. Indoor classes take place at the New Elgin Ashgrove Public Hall 15-17 Land Street, IV30 6BL

Block of 6 classes (approx 60 min per week) - £65
An application form required.

Adolescent Classes - indoor classes
Group training for dogs between 18 weeks and 18 months. A great next step in training for our puppy graduates. We focus on the relationship between the owners and their dogs. We teach how to meet and greet other dogs politely. We improve obedience around distractions, we teach basics of recall, walking on a loose leash and we play a lot of interactive games like nose work or impulse control. Space is limited, up to 6 dogs per class.
Adolescent classes are run on Thursdays at 7 and 8 pm.

Adult Dog Training Classes - indoor classes
Group training for dogs over 18 months of mixed ability. We focus on basics such as loose lead walking and improving recall but we have a lot more to offer. We listen to your needs. If there is an area you would like to work on, tell us. Space is limited, up to 6 dogs per class.
Temporary not available.

Available soon:
Obedience for Fun - outdoor classes
Group training for dogs at all age. If you want to spend some time with your dog actively, this is a service for you. We cover loose leash walking, mini agility exercises, interactive games with owners and a lot more. Come along and just have fun with your dog. Space is limited, up to 6 dogs per class. This service is not suitable for dog-dog or dog-people reactive dogs but we can help you with an individual approach.
Obedience for Fun Classes will be run on Saturdays.