Goodbye Scotland…

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Goodbye Scotland…

Adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever portrait

It’s a bit upsetting for me to write this but due to personal circumstances, I’d like to announce that I’m moving South in the summer. It’s been over a year now since I run my first puppy classes in Elgin and over three years since I helped my first dog in Scotland. I could have only dreamed about such a successful start for my own business in a foreign country. Thanks to my own dog – the best teacher ever – with help and kindness from my pals-dog training professionals, from my first employer, my loyal volunteers and let’s be honest to my own hard work and devotion, I can do what I absolutely love and this is amazingly rewarding. All this would be nothing without you, dear clients and your lovely pets. Each of them was an individual who gave me invaluable experience. Having the opportunity to teach you how to train or help your pets, sharing ups and downs in the long process of changing your pet’s behaviour for better was and still is honour and pleasure.
THANK YOU ALL for choosing my service, visiting my page, your engagement, your support and patience, especially for my sometimes broken English 😉 You gave me the confidence that barriers are only in my imagination. I’d be very pleased to stay in touch with all who want, need or are happy to continue my behavioural service from a distance. I wish you all the best in training your four-legged companions, each of them was special.

Magda Jelinska

*The last block of puppy classes and adolescent classes finishes in June and no more group training in Elgin is available. 1-2-1’s and puppy home visits in Morayshire will be available until mid-June*

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