UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter-the people you can trust

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UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter-the people you can trust

„The UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter provides assurance to the public and other professional bodies that the practitioner they employ has been checked, supported and monitored by a reputable accrediting member organisation.”

Why this is so important? Firstly, because there are no regulations for the dog training industry. Everyone can call himself a canine professional and doesn’t have to acquire specific qualifications and knowledge in order to train dogs and advise people on canine behaviour. Simply everyone can be a dog trainer.

Secondly, because dog training and behaviour are scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge changes over time providing new information about how animals behave and learn. To be a good and reliable professional we must be up to date with science and follow studies.

Thirdly, within the charter we – canine professionals support each other and share our knowledge. With hands on experience of thousands of cases and problems people have come across we are rich in knowledge and prepared to support and solve complex training and behavioural issues. We are the people who you can trust.

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